GreenPowerMonitor’s Power Plant Controller meets Enedis regulation in a solar project in France


  •  GMPower Plant Controller provides complete integration with the grid operators, communicating and providing maximum flexibility to meet French grid code operator requirement.

Since 2011 requirements towards the renewable energy plants have increased consistently. Implementing an efficient Power Plant Controller (PPC) is a mandatory requirement for connecting and exporting electricity in France. Recently, GreenPowerMonitor installed its onsite Monitoring System and Power Plant Controller (GPM PPC) in a 3 solar projects to ensure compliance with French grid code operator requirements, Enedis.

Requirements met by GPM PPC:

  • Remote and local control of energy production
  • Connect and disconnect from the grid
  • Enedis regulations (including active and reactive power control, frequency control,…)

Power & Capacity

GPM PPC is developed to be integrated into a power plant as the main controller which maximizes and improves the integration of power plants into future Grid Power Systems. GPM PPC will not only modulate the plant production in compliance with the grid regulations and accordinf to the instructions of the client and market operator but can also interact with integrated storage units.

Additional benefits of working with GPM:

  • Flexible hardware configuration design and expert engineering delivers system reliability and quality of data acquisition cost effectively.
  • Remote commissioning increases flexibility, reduces costs and mitigates the risks from Covid’s restrictions

Currently, GreenPowerMonitor manages more than 50GW (between solar and wind) in 90 countries. Its monitoring, managing, and analytic solutions have helped more than 700 clients in 72 different countries.

If you want to know more details about GPM PPC, contact our experts for a demonstration:

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