GreenPowerMonitor Works in a new Big Data Project

GreenPowerMonitor works in new big data projectThe production of Renewable Energy Plant generates a huge number of Data regarding the performance of the plant. GreenPowerMonitor captures, stores and monitors these data with the aim of reducing maintenance costs, complying with legislation and increasing the productivity of the PV plant. The flow of information grows constantly and is exceeds tens of GB.
This large volume of information raises a number of technical challenges that traditional storage solutions and data processing are unable to do. For this reason and thanks to Avanza 2014 program GreenPowerMonitor starts a Big Data project focused on the study and implementation of innovative solutions that integrates different technologies and adapt Big Data using Data Pipeline techniques to process the Data.
The objective of this research is to define a distributed and scalable architecture that will be able to channel a large volumes of data to new algorithms in order to extract this valuable information for the management of the renewable energy plants and even other industries.

GreenPowerMonitor is deeply committed to R&D and this project is a clear example of its commitment to find new efficient technologies that help in renewable energy management.