GreenPowerMonitor will manage the world largest PV-diesel hybrid system with batteries storage

GreenPowerMonitor - Planta híbrida - Cobija - Pando - Bolivia

Currently, the Bolivian region of Pando (north of the country) is not connected to the public grid and the energy consumed is produced by diesel generators.
This situation will change as soon as the PV-diesel hybrid system will be working.

GreenPowerMonitor will manage the monitoring and control of its facility through its GPM PV SCADA solution that enables us to directly evaluate the devices and the status of the plant in real time (less than a second). The GPM PV SCADA will monitor the SMA inverters and SMA Fuel Save Controller.
This hybrid system PV-diesel hybrid system will be able to cover almost half of the energy demand in Cobija (the provincial capital) and surrounding villages, who consume about 37GWh of energy per year.

GreenPowerMonitor is well-privileged to participate with SMA in projects that involves a technological challenge and contributes to the social and energy development.