GreenPowerMonitor will manage San Pedro III a 33.6MW PV plant in Chile

GreenPowerMonitor and Efacec built San Pedro III to Rijn Capital 2Since its implementation in Chile in 2013, GreenPowerMonitor (GPM) has achieved great results. Recently, the company was chosen to sign a management agreement to be in charge of San Pedro III a new PV plant built by Efacec for Rijn Capital.

The new installation is a PV plant with an axis tracker of 33.6MW. Currently, the project is under construction and located near Calama, province of El Loa, in the North of the Country.

GreenPowerMonitor will implement its monitoring solutions GPM PV SCADA (monitoring and management solution used in-plant) and GPM PV+ services. Thanks to GPM PV SCADA, you can have a complete control over devices and a real time snap shot of plant status (less than one second latency). These and other features show GPM PV SCADA as the best managing tool for PV plant.

Chile has an emerging market that seeks to find alternative clean energy generation. For this reason, San Pedro III represents a great opportunity to boost Photovoltaic in the Country. GreenPowerMonitor has the honor to be part of this amazing project.