GreenPowerMonitor will join Solar Plaza’s webinar: How Sophisticated Data Solutions are Transforming the O&M Landscape


Peter Kobliska, Director Business Development of GreenPowerMonitor  and Ben Hansen, Senior Manager for Global O&M Service Solutions at SMA will join the webinar “How Sophisticated Data Solutions are Transforming the O&M Landscape“.

The aim of the webinar is to discuss how effective data gathering, organization and presentation are enabling a more efficient O&M strategy.

Topics addressed:

  • How real-time analytics are being used to detect issues that are unbeknownst to plant operators, mitigating costly downtime and lost production.
  • Why forward-looking O&M strategies using predictive analytics are critical in minimizing operational expenses.
  • How optimizing a plant’s maintenance schedule utilizing predictive data analytics can have a profound impact on profitability.
  • What sophisticated new data gathering and analysis solutions are used to determine if/when equipment may need to be repowered.
  • How monitoring solutions are enabling O&M providers a greater level of accessibility and analyzation to create effective action plans.

Save the date! 27 February 2018 – 09:00am PST – 12:00pm EST – 6:00pm CET. If you want to learn more please register for the webinar and join us!

GreenPowerMonitor joins solar plaza webinar