GreenPowerMonitor solutions for existing PV monitoring portfolio


GPM is committed to the industry and offering special solutions for plants with monitoring services provided by Draker.

From Draker to GreenPowerMonitor


We understand that the current volatility with Draker on the verge of exiting the market may have a significant impact on your business.

GPM is offering a simple, low cost project take-over solution specific to these assets in distress to keep the industry and your business moving forward.

Of the current 3GW under management by GPM, more than 500MW is this type of third party take-over solution.

We have the proven experience to help your company succeed and the solution to keep your business running right now.


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As the solar industry continuously evolves, we at GPM wanted to express our ongoing commitment to serving our partners and supporting their goals and success. So that you are up to date with our trajectory and mission, here is a brief summary of where we stand:

  •   More than 3GW under management
  •  An independently owned and profitable company
  •  The dependable and long term partner available in the market today
  •  Grown 100% organically without Venture Capital or significant Debt funding
  •  A stable company, with the original senior management still in place
  •  US based sales and engineering team (San Jose, CA)
  •  Successfully running for longer than 10 years
  •  Customer driven, engineering focus, solution provider


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Like any good company, GPM is aware of the ongoing risks that go along with the volatile solar industry.

As a profitable, debt free, and independently owned technology company, we are proud to say that GPM will be here for the long haul.

You can trust that our solutions are the best in the industry, and that our company will stand behind them.





GPM has prepared special take-over solutions for projects currently monitored by Draker.

Whenever possible, a software only solution will be utilized eliminating the need to purchase more equipment and reducing field time.

When necessary, special hardware will be deployed to fit within the Draker Base Stations utilizing as much of the sensors and equipment in the field to ensure you are getting the actionable information you need to run your business.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team today to get more information and find the perfect solution for you.