GreenPowerMonitor obtains grid code compliance certificate in Germany

GreenPowerMonitor obtains grid code compliance certificate in Germany

  • GPM Power Plant Controller is fully compliant with Spanish, Polish and German grid code.
  • Any company that is developing projects in Germany can choose GPM Power Plant Controller as their supplier.

GPM has been providing Power Plant controllers to the solar industry since 2013. Throughout these times the grid code requirements have been continuously increasing their requirements and complexity and GPM has been able to stay compliant in many countries.

In the latter years, some countries have introduced a certification requirement which officialises compliance of the GPM Power Plant Controller (PPC) with the local grid code. In recent years, this requirement was mainly for the Spanish market and GPM has consistently achieved the required certificate.

As of July 2021, a new version of the Spanish certificate was introduced and the GPM PPC successfully achieved the certificate for the NTS 2.1 in September. During the same period, the GPM Grid Integration team participated with CERE (Certification Entity based in Madrid) to also achieve the certification of the GPM PPC for the polish (in this case with UL as the certifier) and German Markets.

Certification in Germany

The grid code compliance certificate for the German Market was finally issued in March 2023, allowing GPM to supply power plant controllers for German projects.

Therefore, we can now sell Power Plant Controllers in Germany ensuring that we are fully compliant with its local grid norms.

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