GreenPowerMonitor manages its first PV plant in Jordan

GreenPowerMonitor manages a pv plant in jordanGreenPowerMonitor just made its first step into the Jordanian energy market. The company has been chosen to carry out the management, control and monitoring of a 3MW PV plant located in the Hashemite kingdom.

The GPM PV SCADA solution has been implemented in order to do a deep management of the devices. Thanks to this local SCADA solution used in-plant; you can have a total control over devices, communication with elements and an immediate assessment of the plant.
According to experts, Jordan could become one of the countries where solar energy could increase considerably its presence, not only to reduce dependence on imported oil, but also to supply the growing demand.

With this first project in Jordan, GreenPowerMonitor extends its presence in the area of the Dead Sea where it already manages several facilities and where it plans to develop new projects in short-term.