GreenPowerMonitor manages a 50MW solar plant in Mississippi

SONY DSCGreenPowerMonitor is pleased to announce its new exciting project of a 50MW solar farm located in Mississippi (USA). This facility will be managed by GPM SCADA solution, which ranks # 2 among ISV monitoring firms in the Americas utility-scale segment acorging to  “Global PV Monitoring 2016-2020”, published by GTM Research.

Once operational, the photovoltaic plant will have approximately 650.000 solar panels generating enough electricity to power 6.500 home places.

It is expected the solar farm will generate more than 100 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy for the next 25 years, which is an amazing milestone. It definitely shows a real and deep commitment to develop clean energy alternatives in Mississippi, which is already one of the largest green states in the country.

This project reinforces GreenPowerMonitor’s position in North America, where it has more than 1.5GW of its 14.5GW (solar and wind) worldwide a portfolio.