GreenPowerMonitor manages 5GW worldwide

GreenPowerMonitor has experienced an exponential growth and it has consolidated its overall portfolio by reaching to 5GW under management.

The company was founded in 2008 and since then, GPM has had an upward trajectory. Thanks to his effort, it has seen how its GPM solutions became an independent market leader.

5GWIts international expansion began in Europe in 2009, when the company opened its first offices in Italy and Greece. After that, GreenPowerMonitor jumped to the Atlantic Sea and created GreenPowerMonitor Corporation North America, a fantastic bet for the company to enter the US market. It was a good decision as the company has built a portfolio of 1GW in the region.

Latin America has also been the other strategic point for GreenPowerMonitor. The company opened its office in 2013 in Santiago de Chile from where GPM has developed important projects and has reached a privileged position in the monitoring and managing sector with a portfolio of almost 500MW.

Furthermore , GreenPowerMonitor also landed in Asia in 2012 for the first time with its commercial contacts in India. Now, a few years later, the company has seen how its GPM Solutions (GPM PV Portal, GPM PV+ and GPM PV SCADA) have had a great success in Thailand, Japan and the Philippines and it has added almost 300 MW to its global computing.

GreenPowerMonitor’s forecasts for 2016 foresee to consolidate strategic markets and the development of new features in order to offer competitive monitoring solutions for renewable energy facilities.