GreenPowerMonitor joins Agrovoltaic energy production

GreenPowerMonitor joins Agrovoltaic energy production

Agrovoltaic photovoltaic (PV) plants combine agriculture and solar energy production in the same land area. Solar panels are installed on agricultural land to harness solar energy while also allowing for agricultural production.

The goal is to harmoniously integrate solar energy production and agriculture, maximizing the usage of land while encouraging sustainability in both fields. This approach reflects the growing trend towards integrated solutions that address both energy and environmental needs.

In its quest for energy transition, GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company (GPM), has embraced his type of energy production. It recently installed an on-site SCADA system and now monitors and controls two large utility scale and grid connected agrovoltaic parks in Italy. GPM’s state of the art power plant controller was configured with full redundancy and allow the reliable and fast regulation of the park in compliance with the latest Italian grid requirements including reactive power at night.

The parks combine over 130MW of energy production with agriculture farming that will benefit the development and enhancement of local territories. It is estimated that the installations will contribute to avoiding more than 62,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

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