GreenPowerMonitor introduces a new permission tag system that improves the customization of its monitoring solutions

Greenpowermonitor_new permission tag system

  • GreenPowerMonitor continues its strategy of staying ahead of customer needs by introducing a new tagging system for its GPM Plus and GPM Horizon solution.
  • The new permissions system allows the user himself to block Datasources, Parameters, Descriptions and Alarms.


In an increasingly interconnected world, with larger renewable projects in multiple locations and with more external companies managing part of a renewable asset portfolio, one of the biggest challenges is the management of these roles and their permits.

Visibility of data

In many cases, companies cannot give access to third parties to our systems because there is sensitive data that not all roles should see. Therefore, it is becoming crucial that we directly allow customers to restrict the information displayed to each user.

Personalized permissions management

Recently, we have modified the permissions management to GPM Plus and GPM Horizon services so that the customer can directly block down the main entities: data sources, parameters, descriptions, and alarms. It also provides the ability to create different views according to the type of information for each specific role.

The new permission tag system is customizable and flexible to fit the needs of each customer. It allows the user to configure permissions in detail, being able to hide specific data sources or alarms, but also being generic by hiding parameters or descriptions.

Main features for GPM Plus and GPM Horizon

Hiding data is the main feature of the permission system. This means that different roles can see different information on the same dashboard.

“With the new permissions system, GPM Horizon’s customization goes one step further. The permissions system along with other existing tools such as dashboard creation, allows for a complete customization experience for the customer.” Adrià Garrido, Product Owner.

Furthermore, in the case of GPM Horizon, together with custom dashboards it can maximize the value of the application by being able to set up completely different configurations according to the needs of the different roles inside the company.

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