GreenPowerMonitor integrates CAISO (California ISO) in an american PV Plant

GreenPowerMonitor integrates ADS (Automated Dispatch System) of CAISO (California ISO) 2Recently, GreenPowerMonitor has successfully completed the integration of CAISO (California ISO) with ADS (Automated Dispatch System). According to the forecast of electricity demand, this real-time integration will serve to receive and accept, hourly slogans (DOT) to be applied as a limit on the electrical output of the photovoltaic silver.

On the one hand, the integration includes an instruction scheduler. On the other hand, it has a secured communication mechanism and highly available with PPC (Power Plant Controller), which sends regulatory instructions to the devices.

The tool also includes a user interface that allows to control, to check and to use the system manually if necessary.
Everything is integrated into the GPM PV SCADA, completing a comprehensive solution for management, analysis and control of the plant.
It is an important step for managing the activity of any PV Plant and another example of the ability of GreenPowerMonitor towards technological development.

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