GreenPowerMonitor Horizon’s Data Analysis Revamp

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In GreenPowerMonitor Horizon (GPM Horizon), the Data Analysis (DA) tool is intended for users who are willing to investigate their asset’s data in detail. Ultimately, DA enables users with the flexibility to analyze their assets as they desire. There are two main uses cases this tool covers for users:

–          Anomaly/underperformance analysis: When clients are analyzing past performances of their assets, the data analysis tool allows them to detect underperformance or anomaly behaviors of their renewable or storage devices. Here there are two use cases detected:

  • User only wants to create a one-time query to analyze the past performance/behavior of an asset
  • User wants to set up a recurrent query to analyze the performance/behavior of an asset every week, day, month, etc.

–          Tracking performance optimization actions: When an optimization strategy has been placed on a renewable or storage device, the DA tool allows clients to track the increase or decrease of the performance of said device, enabling them to make better decisions towards a more efficient plant or element operation. This allows users to validate optimization strategies before implementing them, thus supporting decision making. The target users for the DA tool are:

  • Portfolio/Plant Analysts
  • Asset manager
  • O&M engineers

The DA tool is available as a dashboard in the analyze section of Horizon when in portfolio mode. This tool has existed in the past, but a revamp, delivered in version 2022.3, was made to improve the overall experience of the user.


What is new?

Improved user experience

Configuring queries is now much more user friendly, where improvements can be found in the:

  • Advanced configuration and visualization of data
  • Improved navigation
  • Enhanced performance and responsiveness

Enhanced methods for analysis

There are three distinct methods to visualize and analyze data:

  • Time series
  • Scatter Plot
  • Power Curve

In addition, the data from each of these graphing methods is also available to be analyzed in table mode, where it can moreover be exported into CSV files for further analysis.


Contact our team

For more information about the enhancements of the data analysis tool, please contact our team of experts for a demo:

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