GreenPowerMonitor brings new customized automation solutions for GPM SCADA projects

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GPM launched a new feature to increase the automation of customized solutions for GPM SCADA customers. The aim is automate the management of power plant controllers (PPCs) and reduce the manual actions required of on-site and remote operators.

This feature improves plant management considerably, by saving time and reducing the probability of human error in key actions. For example, to implement a specific schedule for a metacommand, the system automatically applies the command setpoint corresponding to the current time (Live time).

Large-scale SCADA projects work with detailed power plant management for their devices. GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV company, offers the possibility of creating and executing metacommands that affect plant devices, such as electrical network production.

Currently, users can create and apply schedules where commands are executed automatically. However, users may need to take actions that are open to human error. At GPM we understand how important and costly the management of a renewable plant can be, so we are constantly reinventing ourselves and analyzing the needs of our customers to exceed their expectations, offering solutions that help operators in their daily activities.


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