GreenPowerMonitor announces new Country Managers in Mexico and Japan

GreenPowerMonitor is pleased to announce Antonio Morales and Masa Misawa as the new Country Managers in Mexico and Japan.
Antonio MoralesAntonio Morales will be in charge of the global growth of GreenPowerMonitor in the Mexican photovoltaic sector, where the company stablished its first office in 2013.

Antonio Morales has a good experience managing engineering projects thanks to its previous responsibilities at Tritec and Dragados.


Masayuki Misawa 3

Masa Misawa is responsible for expanding the company’s presence in Japan, a very successful market where GreenPowerMonitor started its business in 2014.

Masa Misawa has an international managing background perfect to help the company’s interests in the Japanese energy sector.

Both managers joined GreenPowerMonitor to expand GPM’s portfolio and satisfy client’s needs through GPM monitoring solutions. The company truly believes their professionalism and vision can take the business development to another level.