GreenPowerMonitor and Cleanergetic sign an agreement

GreenPowerMonitor and Cleanergetic aign an agreement

Renewable energy plants (PPER) generates a large amount of data related to plant performance every day. These data are captured, stored and monitored in order to reduce maintenance cost and comply with existing regulations to increase PPER’s productivity.

This flow of information needs to be managed constantly and there is no tool to assume this techni
cal challenge. For this reason, GreenPowerMonitor and Cleanergetic have launched a partnership agreement to implement new solutions that leverages and integrates Big Data technology in the data analysis generated by the photovoltaic system.

Both companies believe that optimal management of the information generated by the monitoring of plants will provide valuable data that will help to improve the performance.

About GreenPowerMonitor

GreenPowerMonitor is a company that manages and monitors systems in renewable energy plants. We offer an integrated solution that includes Hardware, Software and Services unequaled in the industry which assist in the asset management, control and maintenance of renewable power facilities.

GreenPowerMonitor has become the independent leader in Management, Monitoring and Control of renewable energy plants with 4.5GW globally managed and more than 1.700 facilities across the globe.

About Cleanergetic

Founded in 2012, Cleanergetic is a Big Data and engineering consultancy firm specialized in renewable energy. Committed to deliver solutions and services, it offers companies to leverage the business value of their enterprise data. We help our clients to gain competitiveness in areas such as Operational Excellence, Risk Management, Hazard prevention and Portfolio management, among other business challenges. We have been pioneers providing big data approach to the renewable energy industry and operate globally.