GreenPowerMonitor and Asunim Türkiye implement their first PV plants in Turkey

GreenPowerMonitor and Asunim TurkiyeRecently, GreenPowerMonitor and Asunim Türkiye implemented their first PV installations in Turkey.

Eight photovoltaic systems with grid backup and zero grid injection of self-consumed PV electricity named “Solar Equality” are now operating in Aksaray province. They supply solar electricity to municipal pump stations.

The project “Solar Equality” is a grid parity milestone project and was subsidized by the provincial administration of Aksaray. The aim of this incentive was lowering the electricity bills of eight economically limited villages in the region of Aksaray. The systems produce solar electricity to run the water pumps which are feeding the water towers of the villages and supply clean water provided with renewable energy to the residents. Whenever there is solar irradiation, all or part of the required electricity is covered by solar and on a yearly average more than 50% of the total electricity demand is produced with solar on site.

For GreenPowerMonitor was a pleasure to participate in a Project that combines technological development and social development.

Moreover, this is the first common project between GreenPowerMonitor and Asunim Türkiye with who has signed a partnership agreement for the Turkish market.