GreenPowerMonitor adds two new PV plants in Chile

SONY DSCGreenPowerMonitor has increased its portfolio with two new photovoltaic plants. These two facilities are in the metropolitan region, near Santiago de Chile. Each plant has 11,200 modules installed on solar trackers and they will be able to generate 3MW. Once operational, the photovoltaic plants will be able to generate enough electricity to power 4.700 home places.

Both facilities will be managed by GPM Portal, the web solution for the management of the remote monitoring that centralizes the data of production and the information on the state of all the plants. In addition, and ahead of future needs, GreenPowerMonitor has installed the GPM Power Plant Controller, which allows to regulate selected parameters.

GreenPowerMonitor is proud to be involved into the development of a cleaner and an environmental friendly energy projects specially in Latin America where its current portfolio has more than 900MW under management.