GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company becomes the first certified manufacturer for commercial use of Power Plant Controller under NTS 631 regulation

The CERE certification emphasizes the importance of renewable energy and its penetration into the electricity grid

GreenPowerMonitor_GPM PPC_first PPC certified by CERE according to NTS 631 and European Regulation UE 2016_631


Barcelona, 1 July 2020 – GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, becomes the first certified manufacturer for commercial use of Power Plant Controller under NTS 631, the new Spanish Technical Standard for the Supervision of the Conformity of electrical generation modules under the European Regulation UE 2016/631.

CERE is an independent testing, simulation, certification and inspection body that was originally set up as a Certification Entity for Renewable Energies in 2015. The company has inspected, evaluated and certified more than 5GW in every continent, and has a large proven experience with grid code validation, participating on Grid Integration Certification for over a 1GW: certification of worldwide grid regulations for low, medium and high voltage requirements of power generating units mainly PV inverters and converters.

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, has decided to entrust the CERE certification process precisely because it is an independent body, in a way to underline its commitment to transparency and excellence.

According to Carlos Pacheco, COO of GreenPowerMonitor: “The CERE certification highlights  the importance of renewables and their penetration into the electricity grid and it shows the need to offer certified solutions for plants that can be connected to the grid, ensuring that they have no impact on its stability.”

The certification verifies the behavior of the PPC (CAMGE): in the new Spanish Technical Standard 2 levels of certification are required. In the first one, each manufacturer of inverter (CGU) or PPC (CAMGE) must certify their machines and mathematical models, while in the second one they must certify the entire park considering that the first certification has already been carried out by each of the manufacturers.

In the words of Luis Serrano, Global Head of Project Execution and Grid Integration of GreenPowerMonitor Network: “At European level, this process of certification and network code helps to homogenize the requirements demanded in other European countries”.

Thanks to this certification, GPM shows that its Power Plant Controller platform complies with all regulations and that it is the ideal solution for plants that require it.

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