GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company joins the Gender Equality Tech Hub network to move towards gender equity in the tech sphere

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Nowadays, women only account for 29% of workers in the digital sector in Barcelona, with ICT women specialists representing 19.5% of people in this sector on average. To change these percentages, GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company (GPM) decided to join the Gender Equality Tech Hub.

Promoted by the City Council and coordinated by the leading tech school by and for women,, the Gender Equality Tech Hub (GETHub) is a public-private initiative which aims to bring together Barcelona companies which are committed to gender equity in the tech sphere.

Currently, 32 companies from Barcelona and the surrounding area have made a commitment to gender equity in the tech sphere, to drive and develop specific measures to bridge the gender gap in this sector. The main goal of the GETHub network is to further explore aspects such as self-diagnostics, the detection and eradication of gender bias, masculinities, honesty and transparency, women’s leadership, women’s mentoring for women, bring parents back, inclusive marketing, positive action policies, protocols to tackle gender violence, recruitment of inclusive talent, procurement, women-first training, investment in projects with a social impact, inclusive offices and work-life balance policies.

GreenPowerMonitor is proudly committed to have pledged to develop a series of goals in 2022, in the framework of the Gender Equity Tech Hub (GETHub), developed under the government measure ‘BcnFemTech 2021-2023: for gender equity in the ICT sector’.  As starting point, the company recently approved its own Equality Plan and relevant initiatives will be developed in over the next few months.

More information about the GETHub:

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