GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company, has received the certification for its Power Plant Controller required in Spain, NTS631V2SEPE (UE2016/631)

GreenPowerMonitor_Power Plant Controller_ NTS631 v2_certificate 2


GreenPowerMonitor has received the required certification in Spain for its Power Plant Controller (PPC).

The CERE certification emphasizes the importance of renewable energy and its penetration into the electricity grid.

CERE is an independent testing, simulation, certification and inspection body that was originally set up as a Certification Entity for Renewable Energies in 2015. The company has inspected, evaluated and certified more than 5GW in every continent, and has a large proven experience with grid code validation, participating on Grid Integration Certification for over a 1GW: certification of worldwide grid regulations for low, medium and high voltage requirements of power generating units mainly PV inverters and converters.

In a world where more Renewable Energy is being integrated into the Grid Power Systems, these kind of certifications is going be mandatory in most of the cases, we in GPM are willing to embrace this change to make the Grid Safer and more Stable and help the RE power plants to be easily integrated in the systems”.  Luis Serrano, Global Head of Project Execution & Grid Integration at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company.

The certification applies to the next products:

–          GPM PPC installed in Spanish territory (Sistema Eléctrico Peninsular).

–          GPM PPC PSSE Model.

–          GPM PPC DigSilent Power Factory.

Thanks to this certification, GPM shows that its Power Plant Controller platform complies with all regulations and that it is the ideal solution for plants that require it.