GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company announces the creation of a new renewables optimization unit

Giuseppe-Ferraro-Public Announcement - Team

The world’s commitment to speeding up the energy transition is increasing, and digitalization is going to play a key role. For this reason, in GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV company, we are creating the Renewables Optimization Team, a brand-new unit focusing on digitalization and innovation.

In GPM we will give great emphasis to the future growth of our digital twins, management, monitoring and control solutions for renewable energy assets, to ensure that our tools and solutions will keep the leading position in future scenarios.

We believe that we can only succeed if our customers succeed and for this reason, we will dedicate extraordinary resources and effort to optimize operating assets. The path that we have designed will be shaped by digitalization and advanced analytics, with greater emphasis on supporting cogeneration and multisystem assets.

The newly built team will be coordinated and led by Giuseppe Ferraro, a renewable energy and digitalization enthusiast qualified at Masters’ level in Management as well as Engineering. Giuseppe has been serving wind turbines OEMs, wind farms developers and operators globally for more than 10 years, covering various management roles in DNV’s Turbine Engineering since 2014.

“Our goal is to make an impact by optimizing renewable assets using digitalization and to transform our offer from best in class to irresistible” Giuseppe Ferraro, Director Digitalization, Renewables Optimization.

In DNV we believe in the true value of digitalization and its power to bring together the digital and the human element. For this reason, the Renewables Optimization Team will be closely liaising with DNV advisory energy experts and Customers to create digital solutions that will become part of our future software offering. We will combine our deep domain expertise in wind, solar, storage and grid integration, with the unlimited potential of digitalization and machine learning to produce trustworthy actionable insights, enabling best-in-class operational performance of our Customers’ assets.

“Our customer centric mind-set is key to develop cutting-edge monitoring solutions designed for current and future customer demands. Combining our unique capabilities will bring value to our customers and will allow us to keep leading the green energy transition through data-driven digital solutions.” said Juan Carlos Arévalo, CEO GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company.