GPM Switch Power


What is GPM Switch Power?

It is a management solution for solar power plants, hybrid plants and photovoltaic subsistence.


How does it work?
The GPM Power Switch switches between different technologies of photovoltaic generation, diesel, wind, storage, network.


Key Features

  • Active circuit consumption in cases of surplus production.
  • Enables up to 8 circuits.
  • Switches to 5 technologies.
  • Allows dynamic power control.





switch power



The Elements of the capture system
These are the elements that compose the system capture GPM Power Switch:
– ES IA 240
– ES Iologik E 1214
– Power supply 12V-1.5A
– Network analyzer EM24DINAV53DISX / EM12DINAV01XS1X
– Toroidal: CTD1X2005AXXX

– Closed Core
– Maximum Diameter of the cable: 23mm
– Maximum current: 200A