GPM Power Plant Controller


What is GPM Power Plant Controller (PPC)?

The GPM Power Plant Controller is a control tool that serves to regulate certain parameters on plant, either directly or through the GPM PV SCADA solution.

It operates independently of the monitoring and control of the energy plants.


How does it work?

  1. The Utility informs GreenPowerMonitor of the parameters it wants to regulate.
  2. GreenPowerMonitor implements a specific Power Plant Controller to solve the Utility’s needs in order to control those parameters.



GPM Porwer Plant Controller allows you to regulate a lot of parameters:

- Tensión en planta
- Voltage
- Rate control
- Production limitation
- Curtailment / Power limitation
- Regulation of reactive / Power Factor
- Ramp up/down


Success stories

GreenPowerMonitor Corporate Presentation 2016  versión nova
GreenPowerMonitor manages Mount Signal solar farm
GreenPowerMonitor manages Boshoff solar farm
GreenPowerMonitor manages Ilumina solar farm