GPM Power Plant Controller (PPC) the solar monitoring solution compliant with Terna regulations in Italy

PPC in Italy

Renewable energy production has experienced a notable increase in recent years and has been a clear response to the climate challenge we are facing nowadays. Therefore, it is necessary to bet on the energy transition to ensure more sustainable systems.

According to the data of the “EU Market Outlook 2019-2023″, published by the Solar Power Europe Organization, in 2019 in the European region have been installed 16.7 GW, which means an increase of 104% compared to 8.2 GW installed in 2018.

In this context, in Italy, the usage of renewable energy is also experiencing growth, increasing the importance of having a complete regulation on energy production and plant devices.

One of the great bets of the Italian government has been the preparation of the PNIEC (National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate 2021-2030), recently approved by the European Commission. Among its main objectives, there is the one to increase the growth of renewable energies by 30% of total energy consumption by 2030, as well as to increase the PV installed capacity.
This one is expected to growth 31,000 MW by 2030 (compared to 2017). See the scheme below:

PV installed capacity. This one is expected to growth 31,000 MW by 2030 (compared to 2017). See the scheme below:

Renewable Energies 2016 (MW) 2017 (MW) 2025 (MW) 2030 (MW)
Solar 19,269 19,682 26,840 50,800
Wind 9,410 9,766 15,690 18,400

Elaboration of data from Italia Solare Association

In 2030, according to the Italian government, the PV installed capacity will increase by 155% compared to 2017. Therefore, Italy would have a total of 50,800 MW installed so divided:

20,000 new installations
10,000 self-consumption installation
2,000 repowering
20,000 revamping

Repowering and Revamping of operational installations are going to increase as well since plants get older and the cost of the components stay low.

The development of the photovoltaic industry in Italy will drive to greater stability of the grid and the electricity market so that it will be mandatory to have a complete regulation on the production of renewable energy.

The solution is to add a Power Plant Controller to all installations connected to the network, especially for MT and AT connections. Besides, the GPM Power Plant Controller meets Terna A68 requirements and can help to have full regulation and direct control over energy production.


Why can GPM PPC be the best solution to meet Terna’s A68 requirements?
Because GPM Power Plant Controller complies with all Terna’s parameters:

-Energy production control
-Start and reconnect to the grid modality
-Reactive and active power regulations
-Remote control of energy production


Flexibility & Grid Code Friendly

GPM PPC provides complete integration with the Grid Operators, communicating and providing the flexibility to be adapted to each requirement.

Power & Capacity

GPM Power Plant Controller is developed to be integrated into a power plant as the main governor which maximizes and improves the integration of Power Plants and future Grid Power Systems. GPM PPC will not only modulate your PV plant production following Grid demands but can also interact with your integrated Storage Unit.

Easy & Quick

GPM PPC interacts easily and quickly with several generation units like solar inverter, wind turbines, diesel generators, FACTS, Capacitor Banks, BESS. Besides, it is compatible with a big variety of inverters and energy meters as well.


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