GPM Zero Injection


What’s GPM Zero Injection?

“GPM Zero Injection” is smart regulation and its solution allows dynamic control of the power delivered by one or more inverters, according to data from internal customer consumption.

This control system interacts between consumption (measured by an analyzer) and photovoltaic generation, so that production meets the demand for energy.

GPM’s “GPM Zero Injection” energy solution guarantees that energy will never be injected into the grid by inverters, even in the absence of consumption.

Since the system has a security strip and protection as a supplement to response times.

The GPM system is even capable of generating disconnect in situations of power loss or malfunction of electronic components through disconnection.

Furthermore, GPM remote monitors behaviour throughout the system, and stores historical operating data.

GPM guarantees the perfect operation of the intelligent solution “GPM Zero Injection”.


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As can be seen in the “Wiring”, the network analyzer is the device responsible for sending the BMD (Basic Monitoring Device) consumption data.

After receiving the data, the BMD is responsible for sending commands to the inverter to dynamically adjust the power output based on consumption data.

In cases where the consumption exceeds an import photovoltaic production of electricity network will be performed.

In no case will there be injection to the grid.



Add values

– The same system dynamically regulates the power delivered by inverters and monitors the extracted values.

– The same product is used in single-phase or three phase facilities including additional probes necessary.



Deviced needed

To complete the setup of “Zero Injection” the following devices will be required:

  1. BMD (Basic Monitoring Device)
  2. Network Analyzer and Power DC Adaptor
  3. More solid relay and Industrial Contactor resistance state (outside the scope of GPM supply)
  4. Router 3G more digital timer (in cases where necessary)




The system supports all times with market inverters.

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Success stories

Planta de los Viveros Moner 10kW

Planta de Riudaura 3.3kW

Planta de Al-Maison 5kW

Planta de Zabadiba Salim 5kW