GPM Business Operations as Usual

gpm C0vid-19

Dear Partner,

We want to give a quick update you about our Business Operations during COVID-19 Outbreak.

GPM is taking all the necessary safety measures to ensure its business continuity. We are minimizing the risks to our employees and customers following all the recommendations from the local governments.

In particular:


Business as usual

We want to underline that given the nature of our business and our global coverage in APAC, Europe, Iberia & LATAM, India & MEA, our operations are distributed and independent of physical working locations. That’s the reason why all the services are guaranteed remotely.

GPM Operations, Project Management, Sales and Support processes are based entirely on cloud services. Besides, we want to ensure you that our employees have been always able to work at the office or from home with great results, carrying out any kind of project from virtual customer meetings to remote commissioning, being able to combine all necessary resources, together with local teams and partners.

Regarding our shipment operations, we also continue to operate as usual: we deliver hardware and other materials providing the same outstanding levels of customer service. In case of experiencing some delays, that will be communicated to our clients as soon as they are known.


Field Operations

Regarding Field Operations: depending on the local situation, we have limited or temporarily suspend domestic and international travel for on-site work and commissioning purposes.

Our main objective is to ensure that our employees avoid becoming quarantined in remote locations. That’s why travels have been restricted according to the destinations, nevertheless, we continue performing our operations thanks t local engineering teams from the GPM / DNV GL group.



GPM datacentres are located in different geographic locations (Europe and US) and maintenance teams keep their 24×7 service, performing preventive measures but also ensuring operation. In case of complete failure by force majeure, GPM can follow BCP guidelines to move service to a different datacentre location.


Please, don’t hesitate to contact us and to let us know how we can make this difficult time easier for you and your teams.

We will continue to keep you informed.

Best regards,
Juan Carlos Arévalo

CEO GreenPowerMonitor