DNV GL’s GreenPowerMonitor will monitor Europe’s largest solar power plant under construction: the Núñez De Balboa solar project developed by Iberdrola

GreenPowerMonitor_Núñez de balboa_GPM SCADA

• With its 500 MW capacity, Núñez de Balboa will supply clean energy to 250.000 people and prevent the emission of 215 000 tons of CO2 per year

• GPM SCADA solution will manage and monitor the photovoltaic plant

• The plant plans to begin operating in the first quarter of 2020

• The plant is located in Usagre, Badajoz, Spain.


Barcelona, Spain 20th January 2020 – DNV GL’s GreenPowerMonitor was selected to provide monitoring solutions to manage Núñez de Balboa, the largest solar project under construction in Europe.

Núñez de Balboa, an initiative of the Iberdrola Group, is a decisive step into the solar energy business for the group, building its first photovoltaic macro project in Spain. Located in Usagre, Badajoz, the facility’s capacity of 500 MW will supply clean energy to 250 000 people in Extremadura, preventing the emission of 215 000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.
Nuñéz de Balboa will cover a surface of nearly 1 000 hectares and its construction has reached a record figure of more than 1200 jobs, 70% of which are local workers from Extremadura.

The plant will be monitored with GPM SCADA management. This solution allows to control each device of the solar plant individually, execute every type of command and extract energy production data in real-time.

The Núñez de Balboa solar project is the biggest photovoltaic plant monitored by DNV GL’s GreenPowerMonitor. It joins a portfolio of over 4000 solar and wind facilities that produce more than 29 GW of clean energy around the globe.

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“Participating in the first photovoltaic macro project of Iberdrola in Spain is a responsible act. The Núñez de Balboa solar project will help in moving forward the energy transition for a greener future; in such a context, digitalization will be the key factor for the right development of renewable assets. It is a privilege for us that Iberdrola opted for solar energy in Spain,” said Juan Carlos Arévalo, CEO of GreenPowerMonitor.

DNV GL acquired GreenPowerMonitor in June 2016, uniting its existing expertise in wind energy data with GreenPowerMonitor’s digital solar solutions. To date, GreenPowerMonitor is managing almost 30GW (between Solar and Wind) in over 72 countries globally.

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