Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and welcome a new era of efficiency as you effortlessly track minute-by-minute output, identify issues, and detect anomalous trends across turbines, parks, and entire portfolios.

Data in a matter of seconds : Track minute-by-minute output, identify issues, and detect anomalous trends across complete renewable portfolios.

The growing need for data-driven insights in renewable energy

The renewable wind energy market is growing rapidly due to the global push for decarbonization and sustainability. This demand for efficient monitoring and analysis of wind assets is driven by the need for advanced tools and functionalities. The market is shifting towards data-driven decision-making, leveraging real-time insights and analytics to maximize energy generation, minimize downtime, and improve profitability. Organizations seek platforms that handle large volumes of data, enable real-time tracking, and facilitate data analysis. Transparency, accountability, and reporting are crucial in the renewable energy industry. Stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and communities, require accurate and customizable reports that showcase the performance and sustainability impact of wind assets.

In this market context, the functionality described offers a competitive advantage by providing real-time data access, customizable reporting, proactive monitoring, and performance optimization capabilities, supporting the industry’s transition towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

The solution

GPM Horizon enables you to gain a competitive edge in renewable asset management with real-time data access, customizable reporting, and proactive monitoring capabilities. It helps you to maximize performance, minimize downtime, and make data-driven decisions to ensure the success and profitability of your renewable wind assets.

Harness the full potential of renewable wind assets with our cutting-edge functionalities.

From real-time monitoring to in-depth analysis and customizable reporting, GPM Horizon provides you with actionable insights to optimize performance, minimize downtime, and drive informed decision-making. Use data-driven reporting to analyze output minute by minute, identify concerns, and capitalize on opportunities, assuring the profitability and sustainability of your wind energy investments.

Key Differentiators.

Advanced data visualization, real-time insights, customizable reporting, an intuitive interface, and seamless benchmarking and performance comparison make the GPM Horizon platform effective for users to identify patterns, trends, and outliers. It enhances communication, stakeholder engagement, and transparency, making it accessible for both technical and non-technical users.

GPM Horizon is designed to empower the way asset managers monitor and analyze your wind assets.

Experience the convenience of getting constructive insights through module dashboards and customisable reports with the GPM Horizon’s Monitor, Analyze, and Report modules, enabling you to make informed decisions with exceptional speed and precision. Dive deep into performance analytics, download any dataset with ease, and personalize your reports within seconds to effectively collaborate with both external and internal stakeholders.

  • Performance analysis: Analyze the performance of renewable assets over customizable time periods, comparing power curves and receiving automated alerts for anomalous component conditions.
  • Minute-by-minute tracking: Track minute-by-minute output from individual turbines, assets, and portfolios, enabling quick identification of issues and anomalous trends.
  • Module dashboards: Access constructive insights through module dashboards, providing a centralized view of key performance metrics, trends, and issue analytics.
  • Dataset download: Easily download datasets in XLS or CSV file formats, allowing for comprehensive data access and further analysis. Also, plot any data set(s) in a timeseries, analyze and compare. Customizable Reports: Customize reports for stakeholders according to specific requirements, creating daily, weekly, monthly, and custom period reports with relevant metrics and insights.

What tasks and activities may GPM Horizon users perform with the Monitor, Analyze, and Report Modules?

  • Performance optimization: Identify issues and anomalous trends, allowing for timely interventions and performance optimization to maximize energy generation and overall efficiency.
  • Time efficiency: Save time with streamlined processes for data tracking, analysis, and reporting, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives and operational improvements instead of manual data collection and compilation.
  • Informed decision-making: Utilize comprehensive data analytics and insights to make informed decisions regarding asset performance, maintenance strategies, and portfolio management, maximizing return on investment and ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Improved maintenance strategies: Leverage automated alerts and performance analytics to enhance maintenance planning, enabling proactive maintenance actions and minimizing downtime, consequently reducing costs, and optimizing asset lifespan.
  • Scalability and adaptability: Accommodate portfolios of various sizes and adapt to evolving industry requirements, providing scalability and flexibility to meet the expanding needs of your renewable wind energy projects.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Foster collaboration and communication among stakeholders with clear and customizable reports, enabling effective discussions, data-driven decision-making, and alignment towards common goals.


It is imperative that large volumes of real-time data from multiple turbines and assets require scalability and efficient management. Accuracy and reliability are crucial for informed decisions, and robust validation and quality control mechanisms are essential. The multi-technology interface of GPM Horizon enables performance optimization through power curve analysis and can improve asset performance, reduce costs, enhance reporting and communication, and support scalability for portfolio management.

Article by :
Sucharita Banerjee, Alexey Bakulin and Francisco Laucirica.

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