DAM  Data Adquisition Module

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Due to the modular design, the DAM is able to gather data from any device in your installation. It can be from a communication interface, analog inputs, digital inputs, pulse, etc. The DAM retrieves, stores and sends information. sentence. This information can be sent through Ethernet or cellular communication interfaces.

To be immune against communication failures in the Ethernet or cellular network a memory card is recommended so as not to lose data and to recover this data automatically from the GreenPowerMonitor Servers at a later date. Using the DAM with the GreenPowerMonitor Service, will keep your installation optimally managed in the best way.


Main Features

  • Modular design, up to 5 different cards
  • Wall or DIN Rail fixing
  • Power Supply with AC or DC voltage
  • Standalone functionality with autoo supervision systems
  • Control and Battery loading for power supply failures
  • You choose how your DAM performs