Custom alerts within GPM Horizon ensure regulatory and contractual compliance of wind assets


Wind Farms operate in challenging environmental and regulatory conditions. Entire wind farms or select turbines are often required to operate with wind sector management strategies for Noise and Shadow-flicker restrictions, Bird and Bat protection, and structural loading modes.

To maximise power production, turbine OEMs are increasingly offering extended capacity (e.g. PowerBoost) operational modes when environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and turbulence intensity) allow.

Compliance of each turbine with the complex mix of operational requirements is difficult to monitor with OEM SCADA systems.

Independent custom alarms and alerts available in GPM Horizon ensure that each asset in your portfolio are operated in accordance with the site-specific regulatory and contractual requirements.


Alerts can be generated from any primary, secondary and tertiary SCADA tag and also third-party data sources. Alerts appear in the web-based platform or can be directed to relevant personnel via email.

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