How GPM reporting can be integrated with your Microsoft SharePoint

Having a proper system for internal documentation sharing is a key issue nowadays. COVID-19 has dramatically increased the number of co-workers working and collaborating remotely.  Due to the pandemic situation,…

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DNV’s GreenPowerMonitor launches world’s most innovative solution for stabilizing power networks

GreenPowerMonitor, DNV’s integrated solution provider for the management and maintenance of renewable power installations, has launched the world’s most advanced solution to guard against power fluctuations in electricity grids. GPM…

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GreenPowerMonitor_International Women in Engineering Day 2021_COVER PICTURE

GreenPowerMonitor celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2021

Back in 2014 the Woman Engineering Society launched the “Woman Engineering Day” on 23 June. Such an event is recognized by the UNESCO and is designed to raise the profile…

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GreenPowerMonitor_Power Plant Controller_ NTS631 v2_certificate 2

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company, has received the certification for its Power Plant Controller required in Spain, NTS631V2SEPE (UE2016/631)

  GreenPowerMonitor has received the required certification in Spain for its Power Plant Controller (PPC). The CERE certification emphasizes the importance of renewable energy and its penetration into the electricity…

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GreenPowerMonitor at Australia Wind Energy 2021

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company will attend Australia Wind Energy 2021

Michael Sherry, Director Wind Business and Product Development will be a featured speaker Optimal wind asset operations are key to ensure high generation performance and favorable financial returns. The benefits…

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Wind Pill: Understanding sources of under-performance in wind assets using GPM Horizon

Imagine the confusion and frustration of a wind farm owner when a monthly operator report indicates expected wind resource, good production-based availability but below budget energy production. This scenario is surprisingly common. While increasing production-based availability affords wind farm…

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Aerial looking over a modern solar farm at sunrise in the English countryside panoramic

Unlocking the value of predictive maintenance for solar PV plants

Solar energy has seen an extraordinary growth over the last few years and along with this success expectations of improvements, efficiencies, and a general reduction of the levelized cost of…

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Wind Pill: Improve visibility of energy-based availability with wind farm alarm/event tabulation and downtime characterisation

Operations and Maintenance contracts were initially based on time-based availability definitions. However, from an operator and owner’s perspective, the most appropriate measure of availability is relative to possible production, i.e….

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What you need to consider when selecting a SCADA solution:

The investment in your SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system and software should not be taken lightly. For utility scale renewable plants, a full SCADA solution can range from…

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Giuseppe-Ferraro-Public Announcement - Team

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company announces the creation of a new renewables optimization unit

The world’s commitment to speeding up the energy transition is increasing, and digitalization is going to play a key role. For this reason, in GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV company, we are creating the Renewables Optimization Team, a brand-new unit focusing on digitalization…

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