BMD Basic Monitoring Device



BMD is a low cost monitoring device for small installations (below 50KW), easy to set up by installers.

BMD has been designed for inverter monitoring, weather measurements and two pulse input, especially attractive in countries where consumed energy and generated energy have different prices.

BMD will send monitored data to GPM servers, so GreenPowerMonitor service will be provided to customers. This GreenPowerMonitor service can be based in the GPM Monitoring or GPM PV+, but it will always give an access to the maintenance companies, as well as the final customers.

BMD has capacity to store 170.000 variables in a 8 MB backup memory in case of having no communication with GPM servers.



Main Features

  • Device able to monitor one inverter’s communication bus.
  • A second RS-485 is available for weather station monitoring.
  • Ethernet interface to send information to GPM servers.
  • The Ethernet interface is also used for an internal website for configuration.
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • When broadband access is not available, GPRS/3G routers can be used.