Benefits of the new GreenPowerMonitor Help Centre

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In a highly technical field that is heavily reliant on online and connected systems, it is important to provide documentation materials that are up to date and easy to access. Moving away from static documentation, GreenPowerMonitor (GPM) launched the online GPM Help Center in January 2022.


What is the Help Centre?

The GPM Help Center is a centralized repository for all product documentation, offering guidelines, help and news about our products and features.

In other words, it provides users with all the information they need. They can access and search all the current user guides and release notes, as well as download archived documentation for older versions in PDF format.

The new Help Center provides easy navigation, extensive reference material, user-friendly search tool and filters and modularity in its contents. This allows users to find the answers they need and resolve their queries quickly and easily.


Advantages of having a Help Centre

– Fluidity and efficiency. Users can now hop online and consult the user guides and release notes with a few clicks, and use the search function to reach the information they need quickly and easily. This gives them the opportunity to solve their doubts or issues in an efficient and time-sensitive manner.

– Having the Help Center online means that documentation is accessible from anywhere: computer, tablet, phone, in the office or on the go.

– Embedded articles may be included within products for contextual help.

– Future user control can tailor contents to each specific user.


Who has access to the Help Centre?

The online Help Centre is available to all users of GPM Plus, GPM SCADA, GPM Horizon, GPM Portal, GPM Web API as of Q1 2022. Further extensions are also planned.


Contact us

For more information on how the GPM Help Centre works, please contact our experts:

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