3 Main reasons why you should install a GPM SCADA in your renewable plant

SCADA control room

What is it?

GPM SCADA is an In-Plant Supervision, Data Acquisition and Control solution for utility-scale facilities or any plant that needs true supervisory control and data automation functionality. GPM SCADA is currently deployed at projects as small as 1MW AC and larger than 500MW AC, totalling almost 11GW utilizing the GPM SCADA solution.

GPM SCADA management solution is specially designed for field technicians and control room operators. It allows control over individual devices, execute full-plant commands and provides real-time data for all parameters.

The user experience is identical to the GPM Plus fleet and portfolio management solution allowing for a greatly reduced learning curve for operators to navigate between the central portfolio management solution and the local SCADA solution. All GPM software platforms receive quarterly updates from our development team driven 100% by client and partner feedback regarding security, feature functionality, usability and advanced analytic needs.


Why do I need it?

Control Room Monitoring

GPM SCADA offers interactive one-line diagrams, real-time control of the status and performance of your facilities’ middle tension components, and main alert grid with all the incidences of your facility in a single tool, with powerful filtering options.

The architecture of GPM SCADA is unique in the industry providing a true control room application fully utilizing and linking an operator’s multiple screens instead of other common solutions that require multiple different browser instances.

The architecture behind GPM SCADA allows for increased operator visibility, functionality and efficiency. Additionally, every parameter monitored at the plant is available in one-second data granularity in both scheduled reports and ad-hoc analysis tools to the operators in real-time.

Full data customization

GPM SCADA gives the possibility to model the performance ratio, the performance index, the availability or any KPIs necessary for your organization at each device, sub-group of devices or at the plant level. This provides the opportunity to generate custom variables from combinations of other DataSources or fixed values. All data settings are completely customizable and you as a user have the possibility to export your queries to any desired format.

Automatic Reporting & Customized Advanced Alarms

GPM SCADA provides automatic generation and delivery to any desired email recipients detailed alerts with user-defined action plans, customized reports included any desired data of any desired granularity and maintenance tickets with work orders.

The advanced alarm configuration available from all GPM’s software solutions allows custom facility or device level alarms taking advantage of complex multi-variant activation and deactivation conditions. Truly any Boolean Logic argument can be created to trigger 1. An alert 2. An Email 3. A control action to be executed within the SCADA 4. An SMS text message.

The hierarchical design of the alerts prevents mass spamming to email inboxes and the operators alert grids. When multiple alerts trigger for the same device or production branch, only the most severe and meaningful alert is activated, avoiding alert storming when thousands of alarms are running.


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Our Experience

Currently, our GPM SCADA solution is managing 250 renewable projects around the world, for a total of 11GW under management. In addition, it must be taken into account that more than 105 of these projects also have the GPM Plus solution associated, which allows controlling a wider portfolio of installations.

How is that possible? Very simple, the GPM SCADA communicates with the central GPM platforms, making it a very reliable and flexible solution.

Besides, for GPM SCADA size of plants is not a problem: the solution can manage plants from 1kW up to more than 500MW. Indeed, 33 renewable plants in GPM’s portfolio have a power of over 100MW, divided among solar, storage and wind power.

Know more about SCADA here: https://www.greenpowermonitor.com/gpm-scada/