GreenPowerMonitor attends Solar Power International 2018 - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor and DNV GL will attend Solar Power International

GreenPowerMonitor and DNV GL expertes will be exhibiting at Solar Power International 2018 in Anaheim, CA starting on September 24th  and we invite you to stop by: GreenPowerMonitor Booth #1664 as…

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GreenPowerMonitor attends REI India 2018 - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor joins DNV GL at Renewable Energy India Expo 2018

DNV GL and GreenPowerMonitor experts will be at Renewable Energy India Expo (REI) 2018. Moreover, GreenPowerMonitor will be exhibiting at the event and we invite you to stop by: GreenPowerMonitor Booth #11.133 Our renewable…

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GPM Horizon - imagen destacada

DNV GL launches GPM Horizon: world’s first data monitoring platform for integrated wind, solar and energy storage systems

GPM Horizon enables future-proof fleet management by integrating digitalization technologies and combined renewables systems in one tool Real-time monitoring scalable to support growing portfolios and new emerging renewable energy technologies…

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GreenPowerMonitor attends Large-scale Solar Industry Forum in Australia - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor will attend Large-scale Solar Industry Forum 2018

The Clean Energy Council’s annual Large-scale Solar Industry Forum brings solar industry professionals together to share knowledge and work towards technical excellence in the local industry. Albert Carrera, Regional Manager…

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GreenPowerMonitor attends AWEA Wind Power Chicago 2018 - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor attends AWEA WIND POWER alongside DNV GL

DNV GL is a Terawatt sponsor of this conference & exhibition GreenPowerMonitor, now part of DNV GL, will join its colleagues at AWEA WIND POWER in Chicago, Illinois, starting on Monday May 7th. All…

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GreenPowerMonitor attends ACERA Gala dinner - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor will join DNV GL at ACERA’s annual dinner

Chilean Association of Alternative Renewable Energies (ACERA), representative of the Chilean Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (ERNC), holds its annual dinner at Casa Piedra, Santiago de Chile, on April 10th. Carolina Salas,…

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GreenPowerMonitor attends Managing European Solar Assets with Humberto Roca - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor sponsors Managing European Solar Assets

 The event  will take place in Barcelona, starting on April 25th We are glad to announce GreenPowerMonitor will become supporting sponsor at Solar Media’s event Managing European Solar Assets alongside…

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GreenPowerMonitor attends CLER Forum 2018 - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor joins DNV GL at CLER Fórum 2018 in Argentina

14-16 March 2018 |  INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL   |  Buenos Aires GreenPowerMonitor joins DNV GL at CLER Fórum 2018. The event will take place next week in Buenos Aires, Argentina, starting on March 14th….

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GreenPowerMonitor attends Solar Asset Management by Solar Plaza 2018.2 - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor sponsors Solar Asset Management North America

GreenPowerMonitor, now part of DNV GL, will sposor Solar Asset Management North America. The event is organized by Solar Plaza and it will take place in San Francisco, starting on March 13th….

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GreenPowerMonitor attends RECAM Panama - imagen destacada

GreenPowerMonitor will attend RECAM

    GreenPowerMonitor, now part of DNV GL, will attend RECAM, Clean Energy Central America and Caribbean event.The conference and exhibition will take place in Panama city, starting on March 6th….

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