In Plant Control: GPM PV SCADA

GPM PV SCADA is a local SCADA Monitoring and Management solution used in-plant which allows control over devices, communication with elements and an immediate assessment of plant status:

  1. Real time snap shot of plant status (less than 1 second latency).
  2. Supervision and plant operation (alarms).
  3. In-plant preventive and corrective maintenance tool.
  4. Dashboards for easy visualization of data and communication with devices.

Main characteristics


Set custom alarms:
Personalize reduced production alerts and other key alarms to the specific characteristics of the plant.

In-plant preventive and corrective maintenance tool:
Plan the preventive maintenance of your plants and react quickly to trigger corrective maintenance in response to any conceivable incident.

Control Room Function:
Use the program functions in compact mode or distribute plant information across several monitors.

Dashboard display:
Perform a rapid assessment of the state of the plant with visual tools which summarize plant information concisely but faithfully.


Data viewing in real time:
See at a glance the latest values reported by your devices by means of quick views.

Alert Notification:
Receive error messages about devices, communication problems or
reduced production in-plant automatically via SMS and e-mail.

Comparison of production in real-time:
Get the maximum production data of the plant automatically and display the performance of different devices as a function of the total energy.


Detailed Technical Configuration:
GPM SCADA is designed to respond to any specific need: custom measurements, personalized alarms, data logging, measurement units, etc.

Translated and available in English, Spanish and Italian.

can be linked to enterprise software such as ERP, GMAO y CRM.


Direct control over devices:
Send commands from the program to devices and instruments within a plant. Commands may be configured within the parameters of what the target
device can actually do.

Direct communication with devices:
Control the production process automatically thanks to GPM SCADA.


Change history:
You can analyze the changes of state of different elements inplant, the changes in values and the command history.

Annual and monthly reports:
Export of historical data and graphs to analyze trends. Studying the data may reveal ways to improve the performance of plants.


Periodic upgrades of the GPM SCADA
program with new versions at no extra cost.

Technical Response Service:
Resolution of queries related to the operation of any part of the system and incident tracking. You will be supported directly by our engineers who are specialist in configuration, set-up and data management.

Associated hardware


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